Education is the basic requirement for human development. With education, employment opportunities are broadened and income levels are increased. One of the biggest reasons of widespread poverty in India is the lack of education in millions of children and adults. 

Most slum children go to schools where teaching standards are low and classrooms are seriously under-equipped. ... For older children, vital textbooks are absent, and their parents can't afford to buy them. Anti-education pressure. For most slum families, educating their children is the last thing on their minds. 

Due to lack of motivation at home, parents being uneducated and also due to lack of proper support from school, kids tend to drop out and quit education. Hence Bethel Gospel Church has stepped into the slums to educate the children in creative ways and support them in education. 

Not only education but good nutritious food is provided each day for dinner due to which the child grows healthy and the family burden to feed children is reduced to minimal. 

 The government of India provides food to the marginalised children at school each day for lunch and then these kids get meal for dinner at the after school program. Thus the family needs to just worry about the breakfast of the child. Thus we are indirectly supporting the family financially. 

Number of children being benefited and the locations of the project are as follows: 

1. Sarampet village – Near Panchayat – 40 

2. Sarampet village – Sc colony – 40 

3. NTR Nagar - 200 

4. Amberpet 50 

Altogether 330 to 350 children on an average are being benefited by this program.