Bore wells: 

Water for utility has been a great problem in slums. They depend mostly on the water rendered by water tankers from government to solve the problem. While with the help of government they are able to fetch water, still it is not sufficient enough for the whole family. At times when the families are sick or when they go to work they miss their chance of filling the water. Hence they struggle. 

 Bethel Gospel Church has identified this need and started drilling borewells for the community to use and hand also erected hand pumps or motors and has built water tanks to contain the water. 


 Clean Water: 

 The community at large is in desperate need of healthy water to drink. 

 Local water sources in Nalgonda are too high in fluoride, requiring de-fluoridation of the water. Right now, the government provides potable water and locals store that water for use. Such a system provides for meager water rationing. We have the opportunity to install a water de-fluoridation plant so that the local church becomes a local community water provider. 

 At Kukatpally in the slum relocation project initiated by the government, the dwellers struggle for water to drink as well as to use for their needs. 

 Hence we have installed Reverse Osmosis water plants to meet the needs of the community and help them with drinking water and also water to use. 

 Hundreds of families are benefited and are blessed through this.