There are millions of Orphans in India. Few are Orphans and few others are abandoned. There are children even on the streets. There is a tremendous need adopting these children or fostering them. However for kids who have grown up and are not being shown interest to either be adopted or fostered, residential care has been the option rather than them being on streets. 

Specially these teen age kids are more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, addictions, involvement in crime and suicides. 

 Hence Bethel Gospel Church embraces such children in need and cares for them holistically by not just feeing them, educating them and counselling them but also teaching them skills and empowering them to face the challenges and future. 

 We want to see these children being raised as in a family versus residential hostels. Hence 6 to 8 children are placed with one family for care. 

The children get to learn music, dance, vocational skills like sewing, beautician courses, soap making, baking, carpentry for boys, plumbing etc. 

They are given opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals. 

We now have kids who are about to finish their masters in Business administration, BSC Nursing, engineers and there are children lined up to become doctors and enter streams of their choice.