Bethel Gospel Church recognizes the challenges of the underprivileged to access primary healthcare. 

Every day, 23,000 people die in India; 6,000 of them died due to lack of proper medical attention and the lack of medical facilities. 

We therefore organize free medical camps, dental camps, camps for HIV patients which includes a thorough check up by a doctor, distribution of free medicines and nutrition packages with rice, dal and oil. They also receive counselling on how to face the challenges from the community and the side effects of HIV. 

Medical camps for the general public of the slum has been a long-time effort of Bethel Gospel Church. 

 Nearly 300 HIV affected people are benefited from this medical camp. Not only they attend the camp but they call the staff for encouragement, when they need moral support and at times when they are battling with thoughts of suicide they call and receive help and counselling. They are visited and encouraged. 

 Along with medical camps, awareness on HIV is also conducted. 

HIV medical camp 

Dental Camp 

Eye camp